Two weeks in Europe

By Steven Caesare on 7/18/2014

Thought I'd post a few updates along the way as the family travels to Frankfurt Germany for the 2014 International Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses. After a week in Frankfurt we'll be heading to Prague in the Czech Republic for a few days, and then Fussen Germany for the remainder of the second week. We then head back to Munich for the flight home.

We arrived in Frankfurt yesterday afternoon and spent the rest of the day and evening doing a bit of exploring after checking in to our hotel. Found a local place that does Thai food, and ran in to Kim Vera's sister there. We then headed to the top of the "Main Tower", an observation deck about 65 stories up. After that, walking through a pedestrian section of down town that has shops and older buildings. Finally across the Eisener Steg bridge across the river, which has engraved pad-locks all along it left as romantic "symbols" by couples over the years.

You see friends wearing convention badges everywhere... there are 10's of thousands in the city I'd imagine. Today is the first day of the convention, so we'll be heading over shortly.

I'll post a few pictures along the way in the International Convention Photo Album.

More soon...