Steven CaesareSecond and Third days in Fussen

Yesterday was our second day in Fussen... our first full day.


Steven CaesareLeaving Prague and heading to Fussen

On our second full day in Prague we started off with a visit to the “Lennon Wall”, a piece of interior city wall that ended up with some of the song artist’s peace lyrics graffiti’d on it the day that Vladimir Lenin died. When the city painted the graffiti over, more appeared… this kept happening until finally the city just left it alone and it became kind of a memorial to the objection of Communist rule by the people. There are some pictures of it in the gallery pages.


Steven CaesarePictures...

Just a quick note that I think I've fixed the issue that was causing some of the pictures to show sideways in the galleries I posted earlier... sorry about that.


Steven CaesareOn to Prague...

Yesterday (Wednesday), we packed up from Frankfurt, grabbed our car, a neat little Opel wagon, and made the 5 hour drive to Prague (or Praha, as its called locally). Actually it took us a little bit longer than that, as we stopped in Nurnburg for lunch at about the half way point. The drive was a nice way to see more of the country side along the way. It's amazing how, if you remove the mad made stuff, the countryside here looks like it could have been any number of places in the US.


Steven CaesarePost convention activities in Frankfurt

Yesterday (Monday) we went with a group of brothers and sisters on a cruise of the Rhein river. After a 90 minute drive through the countryside to Rudesheim, we arrived at the top of on of the peaks along the river valley. Here, there is a statue of Kaiser von Wilhelm, one of last rulers before WWI. We met a number of friends here, including a large group of Arabic speaking brothers and sisters from Lebanon.


Steven CaesareConvention days 2-3

The last 2 days of the convention were amazing. We peaked at over 36,000 in attendance in Frankfurt, and almost 225,000 at all conventions tied in! There were almost 300 baptized, and about 400 missionaries present for the convention.


Steven CaesareFrankfurt Day Two; Convention Day 1

Today was the first day of the convention, pretty amazing to have 35,000 JW's all in one place. There were about 8000 English delegates, and a little over 3000 Greek delegates. The rest were German attendees.


Steven CaesareTwo weeks in Europe

Thought I'd post a few updates along the way as the family travels to Frankfurt Germany for the 2014 International Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses. After a week in Frankfurt we'll be heading to Prague in the Czech Republic for a few days, and then Fussen Germany for the remainder of the second week. We then head back to Munich for the flight home.


Steven CaesareSite update

Well, I updated the site framework, and the old blog module wasn't really happy, so here's the new one. The wasn't much recent, or complling, on the previous blog, so I just clobbered it.


Steven CaesareUpdate time

Well, having just updated the site's framework, the previous blog module didn't work so good. There was nothing terribly compelling or recent there, so I just clobbered it.


Steven CaesareSo I'm playing around with DotNetNuke ( as the content management system (CMS) for my web site. So far so good, althought I'm ging to need to ramp up on all the 3rd-party modules available.

For getting the blog started, I'll use this "Journal" module, altho I suspect I'll get something else rolling eventually...


    Steven CaesareAll the blog-o-stuff shall be here...



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